Are you an IMPA ACT member company who is unsure how to start their journey to compliance? Are you worried about upcoming legislation on mandatory human rights due diligence? Do you lack internal CSR capacity and feel overwhelmed with what you need to do to meet the minimum standard for Responsible Business Conduct? Do you want to increase transparency in your value chain and gain a competitive advantage over other industry players? Alexony Consultancy can help with a brand-new 360° onboarding process for IMPA ACT members, old or new!


Meeting the minimum standard for Responsible Business Conduct, i.e. the UNGPs and OECD Guidelines, can be a difficult feat, especially in situations where companies lack the necessary internal expertise on CSR. Developing a company's policy commitment and conducting regular social, environmental and economic impact assessments can prove moderately tricky, despite the helpful resources, tools and online platform that the IMPA ACT initiative offers its members.

About the IMPA ACT 360° Onboarding Process

Alexony Consulting offer a full onboarding service for all IMPA ACT members during which you and your team are assisted and trained to align your internal processes and systems with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (the backbone of the IMPA ACT initiative). The service includes six hours of training for you and your team on meeting your responsibility in business (delivered online), a comprehensive industry-specific template covering sample impact assessments across all 48 human rights, 20 environmental areas and 16 economic principles, and a pack of ten hours of consultancy with the Alexony team allowing you to use this time however you see best, whether that is to engage the team to help towards conducting your assessment, clarify additional questions or even help you develop your first policy commitment.

Service Outline

Through a mixture of online training, templates and samples, and advice and consultancy, the IMPA ACT 360° Onboarding Process aims to:

1. Equip your team with knowledge around Responsible Business Conduct and the importance of conducting operational-level CSR due diligence.

The Alexony team will invite you and up to four people from your team to an online workshop that runs across six hours (breaks included). At the moment, the training is conducted online over Microsoft Teams or Zoom, but we are looking in the near future to run this automatically via an e-learning platform, so participants can take the modules as and when they can, in their own time. We are also happy to conduct this training in person, but a separate fee will apply for this.

The workshop will cover:

  • What are the minimum requirements to Responsible Business Conduct? Understanding the UNGPs and the OECD Guidelines on which IMPA ACT has based its Code of Conduct.
  • How does the minimum standard for Responsible Business Conduct relate to the wider field of CSR, including the SDGs and the UN Global Compact?
  • What are the requirements to your company's commitment? Understanding the key elements of a Policy Commitment.
  • What is social, environmental and economic due diligence, and how do you document this? A practical view.
  • How should you manage your responsibility in business relationships using the IMPA ACT six-step engagement process.

2. Give your company the tools to begin conducting regular operational-level impact assessments across the triple bottom line (human rights, environment and anti-corruption).

Alexony will share with your company - directly within your csrCloud account - a unique industry-specific template containing sample impact assessments for all 48 human (including labour) rights, 20 environmental and climate areas, and 16 economic principles, ensuring that you have a generous headstart and comprehensive examples of the kinds of adverse operational impacts a similar company to yours may have, as well as what kind of initiatives and policies can help with the mitigation and remediation of said impacts. Your company will be able to work directly within the template and customise answers based on their own operational context and circumstances, then directly save as final.

3. Assist your responsible team in overcoming any difficulties arising in the process through advice and consultancy.

As part of the 360° Onboarding Process, Alexony offers ten hours of consultancy with one of our sustainability consultants. These can be used at your complete discretion within 12 months from buying the Onboarding service. Ways in which these can be used up include, but not limited to:

  • Assistance with developing your company's CSR policy commitment in line with international guidance;
  • Assistance with customising the IMPA ACT Code of Conduct for Business Relationships;
  • Assistance with specific issues or queries regarding the business relationship engagement steps, due diligence process or remediation system;
  • Ad-hoc help as and when needed.

4. Guarantee succesful achievement during the IMPA ACT First-Time Certification process* (and free first-time enrolment)

Through a combination of desk research and interviews, the IMPA ACT First-Time Certification takes a look at your up to date CSR Due Diligence process and carries out several spot checks to ensure that the company has not missed any rights and principles in its assessment. Companies gaining certification will be included in the IMPA ACT Directory for Certified Companies.**

By the end of the process, the IMPA ACT Onboarding should empower your team with full confidence in their knowledge of applying a principle-based responsible approach to doing business and their ability to enable full and transparent disclosure of operational impacts.


GBP 4,500.00

Next steps?

If you are interested in purchasing the IMPA ACT onboarding service and make sure you understand the requirements for Responsible Business Conduct and implement them correctly, then get in touch with our team using our contact form.

* Please note that the IMPA ACT Certification Process in itself does not guarantee, nor does it intend to guarantee, that the company's integral self-declaration of management of impacts is true. The certification merely involves a close look at the company's latest operational impact assessment to ensure that all rights and principles have been assessed and verifies that the company has correctly established a policy commitment, a due diligence process and a grievance mechanism.

** Annual checks are required in order for a company to maintain its certification active and the price for these is not covered within the IMPA ACT 360° Onboarding Process. The current price for subsequent checks is £250.00 per annum (in addition to the yearly IMPA ACT membership fee).